Green Pastures The McGlade Family

Tim McGlade was never going to be a dairy farmer, but back in 1987 he started helping to milk in the mornings before work and by the end of the year he was farming full time. Twenty-seven years later he’s improving the practice as part of the Green Pastures initiative. It all started in April … Read more

Beginners Guide to Gardening

So, everyone has told you that growing your own fruit and vegetables is the best way to go, where possible. But how do you even begin to make the transition from walking into the local supermarket, to your own backyard? Keen vegetable enthusiast? Phil Giblin, lets us in on some of his simple gardening secrets … Read more

Welcome to the Boomers Club

It is our hope that this website has something of interest for all Boomers. So while this page contains our most recent posts it is a good idea to browse our menu to see what we have available, and what we have available is expanding all of the time. What interests some Boomers may not … Read more

Phytosterol Supplementation

Summary English medical professionals are instructed NEVER to advised patients to eat phytosterol enriched foods. On the other hand the Australian Heart Foundation recommends medical professionals advise patients to consume 2–3 g of phytosterols per day from margarine, breakfast cereal, reduced fat yoghurt or reduced fat milk enriched with phytosterols (approximately 2–3 serves per day of … Read more

Have you ever wondered what is above Thunderstorms?

In recent decades, researchers have begun looking at some strange optical phenomena in the cloud tops. High above ordinary lightning, exotic forms known as sprites and elves shoot upwards to the electrically charged ionosphere. They are cool and colourful relatives to the sizzling bolts that plunge down towards the Earth.Once referred to as Upper-atmospheric lightning … Read more

Boomer Profile

We’re interested in you!  In what you love about being a Boomer. Should you wish to share with us (please do) please email with what you love about being a Boomer and a short bio. Below Lorayne Branch, (25 going on 50 something) from Ballarat shares why she loves being a Boomer. Meet Lorayne! … Read more

The Shopping Trolley.

The story of human evolution You’ll notice headline banner depicts the story of human evolution through to modern man “hunting” with his shopping trolley. To get to where we are now we have overcome the Neanderthals, Sabre Tooth tigers, Ice Ages and ourselves. Today we face a new threat and it has a lot … Read more

The Failed Holy Grail

A promising molecule called a CETP inhibitor was discovered about 20 years ago. It had the potential to both raise good cholesterol while at the same time reduce bad cholesterol. Conventional cholesterol lowering medication (drugs called statins) only reduce bad cholesterol and then not by as much as the CETP inhibitors promised to. Following conventional … Read more