Metabolift Fat Burner.

Supplements are generally unnecessary for persons eating a range of different foods, and in many cases offer little or no extra benefit. Having said this supplements are likely to appear to work for about 10% of consumers, even if they have no active ingredients whatsoever. This is due to the placebo effect. The vast majority of supplements have not been tested in long term human prospective clinical trials. Some contain substances that may be harmful in the long term and many contain ingredients that have been shown to have no significant clinical benefit.

Product contains green tea extract

Green Tea extracts have been linked to liver and kidney damage in some cases.  While rare sometimes damage is so severe that liver transplants are required, and worse, in rare cases the patient dies.  This can occur within weeks of consuming the Green Tea extracts.  It appears it only occurs to a rare few people; but the only way to know if we are one of these people is to consume the product.  Do we really want to do that?


Promoted as a weight loss product by altering fat metabolism.  It’s true it does alter the way fat is metabolised, but prospective clinical trials show that any weight loss that may occur is insignificant.  Check the ingredients labelling on ‘fat reduction supplements’ if they include Garcia or Garcia Cambogia it may be wise to be wary of the product.


At the time the photo was taken one month’s supply at the recommended dosage will set you back $78.50, that’s around $942 a year.

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