Green Pastures The McGlade Family

Tim McGlade was never going to be a dairy farmer, but back in 1987 he started helping to milk in the mornings before work and by the end of the year he was farming full time. Twenty-seven years later he’s improving the practice as part of the Green Pastures initiative. It all started in April … Read more

Beginners Guide to Gardening

So, everyone has told you that growing your own fruit and vegetables is the best way to go, where possible. But how do you even begin to make the transition from walking into the local supermarket, to your own backyard? Keen vegetable enthusiast? Phil Giblin, lets us in on some of his simple gardening secrets … Read more

Unbelievable New Cruise Deals

Your Club has accessed ‘last minute’ cruise deals. You’ll find unbelievable pricing, up to three months notice, multiple cruise lines, and referral bonuses. These amazing deals are exclusive to club our club members! Last Minute Cruise 1 SAVE 27% 18 night Fly/Stay/Cruise holiday package from $2999 depart Sydney for Honolulu 2 April 2019 CRUISE/FLY/STAY package … Read more

Cleaning The Roof

Dave always thought of himself as a handyman fixing things around the house that need some TLC.  Last summer Dave thought the roof on his eighteen- year old house was in-need of a good clean. Over the years Dave’s terracotta tiles had been growing a garden of dusty greyish green Lichen.  The roof had a … Read more

Behavioural solutions for severe separation anxiety in dogs.

It is common for many dogs of all ages to suffer from separation anxiety. This can cause a lot of concern for owners and even damage to their property. There are behavioural modification you can do though to ease your dog’s anxiety. 5 minutes before leaving and entering the house pay your dog no attention – … Read more

Boomers Concierge – Stress free time and money saver.

Travel and holiday accommodation booking websites have had a tremendous impact on the travel industry and are used by millions of people to book the accommodation they want at the best prices. But are they getting the best possible deal? For obvious reasons, operators of hotels and resorts do not want to display there lowest … Read more

I Will Never Eat This!

I will never eat this. Decreasing the risk of heart attack and stroke is unlikely. It could even increase the risk of heart attack and stroke, contribute to heart valve stenosis, damage the microvascular, cause greater ischemic stroke damage and more. If your GP recommends you eat it ask him/her to read the article and the listed research and see what they have to say then.