Boomers Concierge – Stress free time and money saver.

Travel and holiday accommodation booking websites have had a tremendous impact on the travel industry and are used by millions of people to book the accommodation they want at the best prices. But are they getting the best possible deal?

For obvious reasons, operators of hotels and resorts do not want to display there lowest prices to the public, if the public knew what that price was it could severely impact the properties profitability, and hence they are not advertised.

On the other hand, lower prices can often be available to “closed groups” like Boomers Club members so long as they are not available to be viewed by the general public.

Boomers Club Concierge Desk.

The Boomers Club is a “closed group” and our Concierge desk provides a personal accommodation booking service for club members. Members can fill out the online form (as with accommodation booking websites) or directly call the desk and speak with a real person. The concierge will use the internet to find the right accommodation, (if you haven’t already decided exactly where you want to stay), and get the best price on the internet.

The concierge will then make direct contact that hotel/resort and, using their industry skill and knowledge negotiate an even better deal. Almost always that will be a lower price, but even if that can’t be achieved the concierge will likely get more free inclusions in the deal for you.

Access to the concierge desk is restricted to Premium club members. Premium club membership costs $2.50 per month (paid annually in advance) its a great deal and also provides access to other special “closed group” deals from other Boomers Club partners.

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