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Below Lorayne Branch, (25 going on 50 something) from Ballarat shares why she loves being a Boomer.

Meet Lorayne!

There are some great things about being a single Baby Boomer.

I am now free from the loving shackles of parenthood. A few years ago my child, who obviously loved his childhood too much, would not leave home; so, instead, I moved out, and not just down the road: I went interstate. Leaving my son was not my only reason for moving, but it did help me start a new era of my life.

The next great thing is that although a few parts may creak and groan, and there may be a few extra pills to keep me well, I am still feeling young and full of life. I enjoy the freedom I now have, to socialise and indulge in many avenues of interest; this has included writing a book, which is now finished.

I enjoy the freedom of waking up when I’m ready, without the insistence of an annoying alarm. With few immediate responsibilities, I can decide what I would like to do, or not do, each day. One could say I have waited a lifetime for this luxury.

I like the fact that at this stage of life I can now plan, or in my case dream, where I would like to travel and plan the events I now have time to attend.

Although socialising in a new place and state has its immediate limitations, I hope to slowly find new friends and, like so many, enjoy this next stage of my life. I look forward to meeting other single and married boomers, recapturing some of the fun and adventure that somehow got lost over the years.


My name is Lorayne Branch. I am 59 and was born in Melbourne. I have since spent half my life living in Brisbane where I raised my son. However, a couple of years ago I moved to Ballarat to start afresh and finish writing a book about the inventor, Henry Sutton, who was my great-grandfather. Although raising my son single-handedly was at times tough, I did work and travel the world a bit, which I enjoyed greatly.  I moved to Ballarat with my mum’s elderly cousin, Ron, with whom I now share a house. We look after each other, which has been great, and my son visits each year from Brisbane. I look forward to my future in Victoria, finding friends and having the freedom to follow whatever my new life has to offer. I have learned never to let a great opportunity pass me by.

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