Christmas in July at the Freccia Azzura Club

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A great night was had by all!

The entertainment featured ‘Rockin’ Rick Charles who was really quite good, he certainly got the crowd onto the dance floor. The support act was a Tom Jones impersonator, who was let’s say unusual in some ways but fun nevertheless. It is always good to catch up with friends and make new ones. It was great to meet up with first timers Debbie and Maree. See the comments below from some of the attendees.

I had a terrific time; stimulating conversation, rock and roll lessons (thank you Denis and Stewart) and catching up with old friends and meeting new ones! Thank you for organising it, Cameron and everyone else for your company and making it such a fun night.


Tonight was my first Meetup with the Boomers and I had a fantastic time. I thoroughly enjoyed the show especially the Tom Jones impersonator and Rick Charles with his singing.

I have been to lots of different shows and have heard lots of different bands but tonight at the Freccia Azzuria Club the show was one of the best shows i have seen and The food was fantastic.

It was great to meet some new friends. What a night!!


Great night Cameron
Nice to meet some new people
Venue was lovely as you could have a chat with everyone and it was not too crowded.


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