Boomers Savings – Get 10% off footy tickets.

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Where can you get 10% off your footy tickets; Boomers Savings of course!

AFL tickets can be purchased through Ticketmaster and club members get a 10% discount on Ticketmaster e-gift cards.  How to;

  1. Log in to your boomers savings account.
  2. Select entertainment.
  3. Select Ticketmaster
  4. Purchase the Ticketmaster e-gift cards you require.
  5. Upon receipt (emailed to you) go to and use your e-gift card to purchase the AFL footy tickets.
  6. Any value left on the e-gift card after the purchase can be spent on any event listed on Ticketmaster.  If on the other hand there is a shortfall you can pay the balance online with with a credit card.
  7. Note; e-giftcards are cash so the 10% discount applies to any booking fees Ticketmaster may charge and make sure you order you e-gift card in time.  Contact our savings partner to make sure they have them in stock.

Enjoy the footy!

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