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At the Boomers 60’s and 70’s dance and live music meetup at Carnegie Hall I was speaking to one of our attendees. Lena was a wealth of knowledge on the bands and songs of the Boomers era, and she had heaps and heaps of songs on her smartphone.  The music of our Boomers youth can bring back good memories, put a smile on our face and allow us to relive our emotions of the time.  But many Boomers have the music in the form of records and CD’s, which may have become lost or damaged over time or we no longer have the audio gear hooked up to play them or even if we do we may not want to listen to a whole album, just a couple of favourite songs on it.

Today you can find most of the music and songs we boomers love on websites like Spotify for FREE. Better still you can make “playlists” of your favourite songs, one might be a continuous list of love songs and ballads, anther of “happy” songs or your favourite heavy metal, rock, soul, or folk, its up to you and free. Simply go to Spotify on your smart phone, tablet or computer, register and get that memorable music you love.

Playing the Music

Music played on your phone or computer doesn’t usually sound that great (except through ear phones) so most of the kids connect it to their TV or audio system wirelessly via “Bluetooth”.  You can also purchase great little Bluetooth speakers like UE Boom Boxes, which means you take your music anywhere anytime, from room to room or outside with Barby.

How to?

Play around with Spotify and you will get the hang of it.  Connecting to external speakers can be a bit harder, my advice is to kidnap a young relative (the promise of tea and scones probably won’t do the trick) and ask them to set it up for you.  Then your on your way, and next time those youngsters come around you can play some “real” music for them.

Cheers Boomer Glenn

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