Diet Shakes?

Welcome to the Club’s new Boomers Hall of Shame. This is where Boomers Club will rate bad food, based on how misleading we feel its branding is, its pricing, health claims and so on. Boomers Club members will also have access to the coming Boomers Club Hall of Fame.So here is the first product to be admitted to the Boomers Health Hall of Shame

Essential’s Slim and Trim

The product is called “Slim and Trim” in our opinion this indicates to dieters that this is a weight loss product and it also carries a five star “Canstar Blue” most satisfied customers weight loss shakes 2013 logo (so what, who pays for the logo).  To lose weight one has to consume less energy than one expends.  The full cream whole milk displayed above contains 265 Kj of energy per 100 mls, Slim & Trim contains 360 Kj. Hence Slim & Trim is 36% more fattening than milk.  

The product states that it is “Vanilla Flavoured”, there is no reference to Vanilla in the ingredients list, but the product does contain 9.6% sugar. Traditional Coca-Cola has only slightly more at 10.8% sugar, (we don’t come down hard on Coke because they do provide a sugar free product “Coke Zero”).  Slim & Trim has two sugars, glucose and fructose.  It is now widely accepted that Fructose is a Chronic Toxin and is associated with heart disease and cell damage that can accelerate biological ageing.  Fructose does not sensitise satiety (hunger) hormones and insulin; it works against eating less.  The milk contains only 4.9% sugar and none is FRUCTOSE.

Each serve contains 864 Kj, even when dieting it is likely dieters could still be taking on 5000 to 6000 Kj per day. But most of the vitamins and minerals added to Slim & Trim supply 33% of recommended dietary intake or 33% of the “Estimated Safe and Adequate Daily Dietary Intake”.  Whatever this means consuming three serves provides 100% of the daily requirement and continuously consuming more may not be safe.  Three serves provides 2592 Kj that’s a starvation diet.

To its credit it is stated that the product is not to be used as a total diet; but it does not state anywhere on the packaging how many serves one should take a day, or how many meals should be replaced. In our opinion this product rates highly on the Bulltish scale and is worthy of 4 skulls out of five.

Skull Dark
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We our proud to have such a  very worthy contender as the first product to be admitted to the Boomers Health Hall of Shame.

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