Surprise Travel

Over the last fifteen years international travel has become more accessible for the average Australian. Schools and universities run student exchange programs, companies such as Student Flights and STA offer super cheap holiday deals and it has become almost a rite of passage for young adults to take a gap year specifically to travel. The … Read more

A Date With The Dead Below Rome

To say I spent a pleasant, sunny, spring day beneath the city of Rome, surrounded by dirt, dust and history doesn’t sound particularly pleasing. You would assume that I, a first time tourist to the famous city, would have spent every moment above ground, soaking up the sights, wandering the Colosseum or climbing the Spanish … Read more

Handy Little Ecuador

Rhythms are resounding through the Otavalo Market, one of the largest and oldest indigenous markets in the world. There are handmade goods everywhere: hammocks and mantas, funky wool hats and gloves, brilliantly embroidered belts. A rainbow threaded into each piece. I look up and feel the drums pounding like cold sweats. We’re in the Ecuadorian … Read more

Travel Insurance, don’t leave home without it!

Insurance is one of those products you pay for but hope you never have to use. But like all insurance products the devil is in the detail and most of us don’t have the time nor the inclination to wade through a Product Disclosure Statement. Michael Gebicki at Traveller has 17 travel insurance tips Australian … Read more