Hilarious – Why Healthy Eating Is Hard

Watch This It’s Absolutely Hilarious

Finished laughing. Well, most of this video clip is deadly accurate and clearly demonstrates how bad and or manipulated science can impact upon whole populations. But not everything in this funny clip is absolutely true. Age related Chronic Disease is not dependent solely on genetics. Numerous ‘experts’ state that genetics is responsible for somewhere between 10% and 20% of age related chronic disease. While this is regularly quoted in the science I cannot find any research that verifies this statement.

This being said, I can state that most chronic disease is age related, the older we get the greater our chances of being diagnosed with one (Type II diabetes, heart attack, cancer, diverticular, arthritis etc). But the age related risk of disease is dependent on on our ‘biological age’ and not our actual chronological age. Our biological age can be markedly higher or lower than our actual age by as much as a decade or more.

Hence someone aged sixty could have a biological age somewhere between 50 and 70 years of actual age, and our biological age is definitely related to chronic disease risk. Yes genetics plays a role, and epigenetics even more so, but there is no doubt that lifestyle, including how much we eat and what we eat is a major factor linked to Chronic Disease risk and just be the difference to being diagnosed at 50 years of age instead of 70 years of age.

Eating healthily may not affect how many years we live, but it does affect how many good healthy, vital and productive years we live.

PS Breads with the natural fibre removed are not healthy!!!

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