Rambling Adventure Tours – Give us your feedback

Let’s get out, wander about and go on an adventure.

I’ve noticed that a fair chunk of regular Boomer Events have tended to focus on Wining, Dining and Bands.
Nothing whatsoever wrong with that, l personally luv going on Wine Tours (just as long as l don’t lose those bloody keys again that is).
Then l started wondering if there was anyone else who might fancy trying something a little more challenging and slightly different to our usual fare.
Since no-one else has decided to put their hand up l’ve decided to shuffle forward.
I think that whatever we do and wherever we go, l expect (and hope) it’s going to involve much laughter, banter and good natured fun.
It goes without saying that somewhere along the line, there’s going to have to be beaucoup cake, coffee, perhaps a few fortifying wines involved.
I’m also thinking a seriously good nosh up at half time would be a bloody good idea too.

To give you an indication or a taster of the sorts of outings l’m thinking of hosting, a couple of potential events are briefly outlined below.
These are fleshed out in further detail on the Forum noticeboard.

If anyone’s interested in this sort of thing (going on one of Den’s Rambles) let me know either on this forum (or if you wish – privately).
Of course any and all suggestions or enquiries that reach me privately will be canvassed in confidence and with discretion.
To let me know what either does or doesn’t appeal, you can cast your vote on a 3, 2, 1 basis.
And lastly before you scroll down and read the first of my ideas, if there’s something you’ve always wanted to do, always wanted to see but haven’t got around to it just yet, by all means put your hand up and let me know because .. .. .. because now’s the time, your time.

1 – Conducted backstage tour of the National Gallery of Victoria in St Kilda Road.

2 – Werribee Park Mansion, Sculpture Park, State Rose Garden, Formal Gardens, the tiny original homestead and a young girls secret grotto in the middle of an ornamental lake.

3 – Graff (Graffiti) Artists Work Shop and a working, live to air Radio Station in Collingwood.

4 – Flinders Street Station Ballroom (and hopefully the recently refurbished Dome on the Roof), Degraves Street Food Strip and go walkabout along the Yarra River.

5 – Up-Country Market and Wine Trip to Victoria’s Central Highlands that will, if time allows, take in Trentham Falls and a little know, largely unheralded botanical wonderland in the Blackwood Ranges.

6 – Community Market, a winery visit or two, then an evening spent riding the rails on the Queenscliff Blues Train. Overnight accommodation on the Bellarine Peninsula with Sunday brunch in Queenscliff or Torquay, further winery visits to be followed by a stroll along the Geelong waterfront.

Let’s open our minds and soul wide, and go exploring.

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