Plant Sterol Petition

This product, and numerous others, have plant phytosterol molecules artificially added at concentrations far greater than can be found in any natural plant foods. They claim to lower cholesterol and this claim is true. The real reason why individuals purchase the product is the belief that this will reduce their risk of heart attack and stroke.  There is no scientific evidence, nor any human trials, to support that eating the product according to the directions does reduce the risk of heart attack and stroke whatsoever. On the other hand evidence is mounting that consumption of these “food” products increase the risk of disease.

Watch the video, read the research, and if you are convinced sign the petition. By doing this you may just be part of saving someones life, and who good would that be.

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To the Honourable President and Members of the Senate in Parliament assembled:

Dear Senators,

Food Standards Australia New Zealand (FSANZ) has approved the sale of Phytosterol enriched foods and allowed the manufacturers to claim that the products lower cholesterol.

Analysis of the scientific research shows, that while “food” products and supplements artificially enriched with phytosterols do lower cholesterol, they may in fact actually increase the risk of heart attack and stroke for many consumers and may have other long term adverse health effects, including eye damage, adverse modification of atherogenic plaque (increased inflammation, oxidation, and thrombosis risk), decreased coronary artery flexibility, and may be implicated in heart valve degradation.

On this basis the Petitioners would request that the Australian Senate ask the FSANZ to provide it with;

1. Evidence that phytosterol enriched foods and supplements actually reduce all cause mortality, and or the incidence of heart attack and stroke; and

2. Evidence that long term consumption of the phytosterol products do not increase the risk of adverse health outcomes; and

3. If no such credible evidence is forthcoming take steps to ensure that phytosterol enriched products can only be obtained on prescription and are not freely available for public consumption.


Glenn Sargent

Lead Petitioner.

Director responsible for Boomers Health.

Boomers Club Pty Ltd.  ACN 605 438 524

Mail: 43 O’Grady Street, Clifton Hill, VIC 3068