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These and other products are artificially enriched with “phytosterol esters”, a plant’s version of human Sterols like Cholesterol.  When consumed at artificially high levels they block the absorption of cholesterol and thus lower “bad cholesterol” levels; but documents on the Australian Heart Foundation’s website contain statements like; 

*There is no evidence that consuming phytosterol enriched foods actually decreases heart attack or stroke incidence; and

*No long term studies exist to show that long term consumption is safe; and

*There is not enough evidence to recommenced that people eat these products.

Even so, the Foundation still advises medical practitioners to recommend patients and the public consume these products.  Hence Boomers Health decided to undertake its own analysis of the research (click the button on the left to read the research).

We concluded, that even though cholesterol is reduced, the risk of heart attack and stroke is likely increased and if a stroke does occur ischemic damage will likely be greater than would otherwise have been the case. Further more the research shows that phytosterols are associated with heart valve stenosis (requiring repair or replacement surgery), as well as damage to the micro vascular vessels at the back of the eye equivalent to that of long term smokers and those people with Metabolic Syndrome. It has also been shown to decrease arterial flexibility (bad!).   They also accumulate in our tissues and organs, the long term consequences of this are unknown.  But most importantly, phytosterols result in unstable atherogenic and inflammatory arterial plaque; the type most likely to result in a premature heart attack or stroke.

So at Boomers Health we agree with the British medical authorities who’s advice is to never eat the stuff!  Hence our Senate Petition which is requesting our authorities review the decision that allows the public sale of the “food” products, and instead, make them available only on prescription or for “behind the counter” pharmacy purchase.

Please sign the Senate Petition, and share this page with your friends.  Your signature and help could save lives.

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