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Low carb, or high carb, which is it to be?  Or should we be eating paleo, maybe juicing is better? Some vouch for eating the Mediterranean diet, while others prefer the Atkins diet, or should we simply go for the low fat approach?  Or should we forget all of this and eat for five days and then fast for two, or will just banning sugar be better?  Should we take supplements and take a handful of pills each day? What will happen to us if we forget to swallow the fish oil capsules; have we had our two serves of fruit and five serves of vegetables today, oh bugger we’ve forgotten about the 30 grams of fibre we had to eat; the world will come to an end if we don’t get that 30 grams of fibre!

Oh well its a new day tomorrow, we must get up early for our mandatory daily 30 mins of exercise, should it be weights or aerobic, or maybe 5 mins of extreme exercise might be better than 30 minutes of moderate exercise, or may be 30 mins of quiet meditation could be better than the exercise.  Off course we can’t leave out the old grey matter, we have to exercise it as well so we must set aside some time for the crosswords and puzzles or maybe go online for brain training exercises.  This is no way to live!

As we Boomers age, we become more aware of chronic debilitating diseases like Alzheimer’s, Cancer, Heart disease, and Diabetes.  There are modifiable risk factors associated with all of these diseases; but there is one stand out risk factor that applies to them all; our age.  The older we become the greater the chance of being diagnosed with one of these diseases. Our birthday matters, and there is nothing we can do about; but some people live beyond 100 years and others are ill by aged 50; why the differences?  Genetics (luck) plays a role but modern science agrees it is not the major risk factor controlling ageing; lifestyle, and its affects on our cellular tissue structures is considered to be the major risk factor responsible for the rate at which we age.

This section of the Boomers Club, was called Boomers Health, it has been renamed to Boomers Life because a good life is what really matters.  It is devoted to providing the knowledge, and methods required to slow the rate of ageing and postpone the onset of those nasty diseases we don’t like to think about.  As the director responsible for Boomers Life I sincerely hope Boomers Life helps every member enjoy a better life for longer.

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