Old Mike

The veterans were at a reunion,

And pleased that they’d met once again.

They retold a thousand old stories,

Of adventures, drinking and pain.

An old soldier then finished his story,

And said, “You’ve now made me think,

Of old Mike, who was once in our section,

And by Christ, he really could drink.”

Dave then took over the subject,

And replied, “He was also so brave!

He was awarded the Military Medal,

For when he fought into that cave.

The battle had gone on all morning,

For the Iraqis had stopped our advance.

But Mike with his Light Support Weapon,

Killed each foe who dared put up a stance.

The Queen gave him his Military Medal,

And said how impressed she had been,

When she read his citation for courage,

In the way he had conquered the scene.

He enjoyed a good lunch at the palace,

Gave the princess a soldierly wink,

As he drank a full tumbler of whisky,

For by Christ, he really could drink.”

Published by

Clive Sanders

I served with the British Army from 1965-2002 and served in Germany, Northern Ireland, Cyprus, Falkland Islands, Ascension Island, Bosnia, Canada, Holland and Denmark. I then joined Westland Helicopters and eventually became Configuration Manager of the EH101 helicopter programme. I began writing poems based on my military experiences while still a young soldier, but when I retired in 2012 I felt compelled to write more serious poems. I am now retired and live in Chard, Somerset, England and enjoy sea fishing and watching Somerset play cricket, while enjoying a glass or two of cider.

Website: Clive Sanders

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