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Avoid The Dreaded Single Supplement

Tour operators, hotels and cruise ships usually price per person based on two people sharing a twin or double room. Single travellers are often slugged in the hip pocket by way of an extra charge for single occupancy of a double room, or because a single room is more than half the price of a double.

The arguments from the tourism industry are along the lines of it costs us just as much to clean a room or make a bed occupied by one. Also single rooms are not as financially viable as doubles as a bathroom etc is still required so a single room won’t be half the size of a double. However this is cold comfort to the solo traveller when the cost of the “single supplement” can be as high as 100%.

There are some travel companies out there that specialise in tours for singles, but you are still restricted to the tours they offer at their available schedules. Likewise some tour companies offer tour groups for singles and there are cruise lines that offer singles ­studio cabins on some ships. This might suit in some instances but it still limits the solo traveller.

We want to build a network for members who may want to find travel companions to travel with, new places to travel to and reduce the cost of holidays. The functionality will allow members to communicate with other members anonymously to establish whether there may be compatibility. This means you will only need to exchange details when you feel comfortable you can trust potential Travelmates.

We would appreciate feedback from people who believe they could benefit Boomers Travelmates. Register your interest here and make sure to let us know in the comments section the sort of travel deals you are interested in.

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