Phooey Advertisements.

We can all Laugh at these old Advertisements

There is a lesson to be learned, these ads probably sold product only because the consumer didn’t know what we know today.  Watching shoppers in the supermarket Boomers Health is convinced that many consumers are swayed by the marketing to purchase “bad” product, simply because they didn’t know any better.  Not all food and health products are equal or even healthy!

PS Checkout the “asthma” preventing cigarettes, the’re not recommended for children under the age of six.  Unbelievable!


Fortunately as the years have passed advertising has become better regulated. This doesn’t prevent the legal eagles and marketing experts coming up with words and graphics that imply a benefit that may not in fact exist.  Like the words “Prostate Health” written on a supplement label. What do those words mean to you? From the manufacturers standpoint those words are very important because they don’t make a “therapeutic” claim, they are not saying they will fix or heal or prevent prostate disease. Essentially this product is not regulated under current law, because it doesn’t make a therapeutic claim. Boomers Health shows members what to watch out for, and how to read food labels.