The Truth is out There!

Numerous views about health and diet are held by the public, often they have been embedded by our culture, parents, and even the medical profession. At Boomers Health we rely on the up to date science.  Science doesn’t stand still and what may have been the accepted advice decades ago becomes so embedded it becomes the norm and accepted even if more modern science contradicts the norm.  One very good example is cholesterol.  

For many decades we were advised to restrict eating foods that contained cholesterol then in 2014 USA diet advisory committee quietly renounced its guidelines on cholesterol consumption.  It removed them on the basis that consuming it made little difference to serum cholesterol levels.  In essence if humans don’t consume cholesterol our bodies make it and vice versa.  Does this mean we can eat all the cheese and eggs we want?  No it doesn’t, overeating any food food class to the extent that we gain weight (whether it be healthy food or not) is unhealthy.

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