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What can you believe?

Everyday there is a new “discovery” that finds its way into the press, and another new product or food becomes becomes the fashion of times, until years later when the research has time to prove the claims are BS.  Now we have the paleo, low carb, atkins, keto and other diets, who do we believe?

Pharmacy shelves are filled with vitamin and mineral supplements, and the space that’s left is taken up with weight loss and cosmetic products, and a tiny bit has some pain killers, fungal creams, sanitary products etc.  How can we tell the difference between the BS and the facts?

Market BS Example

100 mls of “Essential Healths” “Slim and Trim” and trim shake contains 360 kjs of energy.  100 mls of full fat whole milk contains about 270 kjs of energy (it varies a little bit from brand to brand).

Essentially the Slim and Trim product is about 33% more fattening than full fat whole milk!!!  Natures product is healthier as well!!

Medical BS

For decades we have been led to believe that saturated fat and cholesterol causes heart attack and stroke.  This is BS but we are still told to avoid them and eat polyunsaturated fat, phytosterol enriched products, and take fish oil, by our authorities and most GP’s. This advice is now questioned and has been reversed by well conducted double blind prospective clinical trials.  Yet we are still fed the same BS by our authorities and the supermarket shelves are filled with “fat free and low fat” products with many of them displaying the “heart tick” and in many cases they are not heart healthy!!

We are not Compromised

Boomers Health does not receive donations from corporations, or receive any benefit of any kind from any product we may recommend. Our task is to provide the basic knowledge to our members so that they can make informed lifestyle choices. The knowledge base has been compiled from our own analysis of published peer reviewed base research and meta analysis. Medical science doesn’t stand still, if it changes, and those changes are logical and proven then we will change to; we will not get stuck in the past to our members detriment.