Groups – Premium

Most travel accommodation is usually priced as “per person twin share”. Hence travelling by oneself usually doubles accommodation costs, and may be less safe. By joining this group you will be able to contact other members privately and hopefully find a suitable Travel Mate to share costs. Travel Mates don’t have to be best friends, it’s about sharing accommodation and having each others back. Will you find the perfect Travel Mate? There is no such thing as a perfect person, but it is cheaper and safer to travel with someone than alone. Travel Mates is particularly suitable for those wishing to enjoy the clubs Cruises and Travel/Holidays but can be just as useful for arranging a Travelmate for your own personal travel experiences.

We will send you instructions on how to use the group once you have applied joined the group.

NOTE. Before being accepted into this group you must supply a national Police Check, you can get your police check online or in person at Australia Post. After all we wouldn’t want to share with a fraudster, we would we?

This group arranges overseas travel experiences for members. Members benefit through the safety and camaraderie of touring together. Your club uses its travel partners to obtain group pricing and ensure your tour or holiday is excellent value for money and is always arranged with over fifties in mind.

So dust off your passport and join us on our next group travel experience, relax and have some fun with your fellow group travellers.

Members are advised of upcoming travel experiences.

Cruising is more fun with a group of people you know or have been introduced to. Boomers Club will arrange at least one club cruise per annum arranging exclusive prices for our members. Our first cruise was attended by 42 Boomers when we went on a four night jaunt up the coast of Oz. Everyone had a great time, hope to see you on the next one.