Food Ratings

The Boomers Club Way of helping members make better food choices.

The Heart Foundation is phasing out its familiar “Heart tick” and we’ll be glad to see it go.  Our Reasons? Some heart healthy foods carried the tick, and in our opinion some heart “unhealthy” foods also carried the tick. There were also heart healthy foods which never carried the tick; we assume these food manufacturers concluded it was not worth paying for.

The tick is being replaced with with a new “star system” introduced by the government.  This system is voluntary and does not have to be complied with. Hence we are left to assume if the food has no rating it is probably more likely to have a bad star rating. The system is also complex and Boomers Health is not very impressed.

So with YOUR help Boomers Health will build our own food ratings based on the compulsory ingredients list and nutritional panel that must be displayed on most foods.

How you can help?

Simply use your phone to take a picture of the food brand, the nutrition panel, and the ingredients list and email them to us, and we will attribute the following ratings and where possible provide alternatives.

Our proposed ratings are;


This means what it says, remembering always that overeating any particular food, even healthy foods can lead to weight gain which is unhealthy.  Balance is a what our bodies crave for so don’t eat just one type of food.


Stands for Comfort Food, eat sparingly and less often.


Stands for Eat Something Else, in other words there are other healthier alternatives of the same food type.  Where practical we list those alternatives.

Start snapping and send the pictures to  Join the club so that you can view the ratings.

Note: Food that comes in nature’s rapper (like fruit, vegetables, eggs or is unprocessed product) no rating will be required.  If on the other hand in comes in a bottle, can, commercial paper, plastic or aluminium foil, or a cardboard box; then it probably needs a rating.

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