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About Boomers Club Events and Activities Directory




Things to do and places to go are Boomers Activities and members get access to them at our dedicated Boomers Directory website.  Activities can vary from adventure to more peaceful experiences and everything in between.  The Directory enables members to search for activities based on location and categories.


Why not just use Google to find Activities?


Google is great, you can find almost anything anywhere on the planet; you can even buy a ticket to Mars; but you have to know what you are looking for!  The Club does not have as many activities listed but you don’t have to know what to look for.  Break the same old, same old, and try something different.  Best of all, members get a deal from the activity provider not available to the general public. We are just getting started but are adding to the list all of the time.




Mature couple sitting in street cafe


Upcoming Boomers Events are also listed in the Members Directory. They are designed to put a smile on your face and are arranged with over 50’s in mind.  They can range from an outrageous rock’n roll dance evening with live music, through to a simple coffee or barbecue gathering and everything in between.