The Lancers Rugby Team

I’ll never play Rugby against the Lancers again,They really play roughly and mean.Their Captain rejoices in administering pain,And their pack is a killing machine. For the last time we played ‘gainst the Lancers,They chased us all over the field.They called us a bunch of gay dancers,Until finally we all had to yield. One of their … Read more

Reggie, Kevin, Charlie & Ron

Reggie and Kevin and Charlie and Ron,Learned to be soldiers and to fight with a gun.They joined up together and trained as a team,With their uniforms pressed and their boots all agleam. They fought in the Falklands and then in Iraq,They protected each other in every attack.Then all left the Army in two thousand and … Read more

Memories of the Army

“I have wonderful memories of the Army.” The old man said to the youth. “Some of them now sound quite barmy, But some have a basis in truth. We had adventures in many far places, And maybe the odd pint of ale. We endured lots of friendly embraces,But that is the best of the tale.” … Read more