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Boomers Health – Mind Map Series

Part III




Glenn Sargent

For Boomers Health

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We have coined the phrase “mind map” and explained that they are developed from our experiences, and that with repetition the mind maps of us are strengthened and eventually automate actions and influence decisions, without us being consciously aware of this occurring. These mind maps are held in our memory and our memory is made of neural patterns that store images (videos/pictures) and emotions that trigger the subconscious influence of our decisions and automate actions. These stored images and feelings are directly derived from our lifetime of experiences. They can be overridden by new and better “synthetic” experiences. Vivid “synthetic” experiences help modify our mind map, and as such, are an indispensable aid to “automate” pathways and real actions that can change lifestyles and hence our future.


What is a synthetic experience? A dream is a “synthetic” experience. A child can awake from a bad dream screaming or crying, it is very real, the child can recall it from their memory. The nightmare is “synthetic”, but the memory is stored away in real neural patterns in our brain. Dream time is unreal. A day’s “synthetic” experience in a dream may take only minutes to imagine. For example in a dream we may go to the airport, board a plane and travel to the most beautiful pacific island where we met the partner of our dreams who gets eaten by a shark (or maybe not), then we fly back home again. This dream will take up just a small part of one nights sleep, but in reality it would take days to fly back and forth.  

By using the right relaxation techniques and then using our imagination to see how we want to be, or by seeing ourselves responding differently to a particular stressor or decision making experience, starts building a new mind map of us, and we can repeat this hundreds of times, in no time at all.

Our brain is a goal seeking automation device, give it the right goals, vividly imagine ourselves experiencing and being what we want, add to this some basic knowledge, and just let real life happen. Don’t try hard to make it happen, this can start a battle with ourselves, which simply gets in the way of achieving our goals.


The original book describing how to create synthetic experiences in order to add more years to our lives and put more life into those years is pictured below. It was written in 1960, and started the whole genre of “self help books”. The author was a plastic surgeon, not a psychologist.  As a plastic surgeon he changed his patients appearance for the better and as expected it had a positive effect on their lives. He did notice though, that lives of a small percentage of people did not change, they never changed. This led the author to try and find out why, and eventually develop his theory of Psycho-Cybernetics.

Sections of this book will be mandatory reading for members who subscribe to any of the Boomers Health Diet Programs. These programs may make reference to certain pages of the book, so we suggest a hard copy is purchased instead of a digital or audible version.


It can be purchased on Amazon HERE, but it should be available locally as well. You can read about the author HERE. I’m sure that everyone of us can gain benefit from reading and practicing the methods explained within it.


Our mind map’s influence and automate actions and decisions, but a human’s greatest ability is to think, imagine and then do. Conscious thinking and reasoning is the “Control Knob” of our unconscious mind map!  Read the book!