An interview with John Safran

Since his rise to prominence via the unorthodox channel of Race Around The World, John Safran has become an authority on contemporary documentaries in his own irreverent, delightfully acerbic way. Throughout a colourful career that has now spanned some twenty years, the slightly-built, unassuming-looking Melbournian has produced and starred in a series of disparate, controversial … Read more

He Always Knew

He woke with a start, not knowing what had disturbed his sleep. Closing his eyes to the darkness, he rearranged his pillow and his legs. Something was wrong. He couldn’t hear the refrigerator gurgling and rattling in the kitchen. He raised his head to hear better but still no gurgling and rattling. He waited for … Read more

The Lancers Rugby Team

I’ll never play Rugby against the Lancers again,They really play roughly and mean.Their Captain rejoices in administering pain,And their pack is a killing machine. For the last time we played ‘gainst the Lancers,They chased us all over the field.They called us a bunch of gay dancers,Until finally we all had to yield. One of their … Read more